Dorothy Patricia Chin, O.D. was born on September 20, 1937 in Kingston, Jamaica, where she and her late husband, Vincent “Randy” Chin, co-founded the landmark music store Randy’s Record Mart, followed by Studio 17. In the late seventies, the couple planted new roots in the United States and established VP Records, today the world’s largest independent reggae label and distributor of Caribbean music.
As a female pioneer in a male-dominated industry, company matriarch, philanthropist, Grammy winning label co-founder, retailer, merchandiser, and recipient of numerous accolades, Miss Pat has left her indelible mark and impacted the lives of many during the course of her six-decade-long career. Today, she lives and works in New York where VP Records is headquartered. Part memoir and part photo album, Miss Pat is the personal story of this reggae music maven’s journey as never told before.

“Giving to others has given my life new meaning and
I want to make the most of each opportunity.” – Miss Pat.

Giving Back

People would expect that as someone who can count the decades of their career on two hands, I am often thinking of the past. And they’d be correct. But even now, I still keep an eye on the future and, yes, beyond. I know there will be a time when I will no longer be here to cheer on our artists with my hands and with my words. This is why I have established the V&P Foundation.

Through the foundation’s work, VP Records Music Group will continue to help preserve Jamaica’s music history, make music education available to its youth, and support the country’s efforts to promote music literacy throughout its schools. For the time being, however, I’m still very much here. While I may let the youngsters “open shop” these days, I still go into work daily. What has not slowed down is my enthusiasm about the industry, curiosity about emerging trends, and willingness to explore new avenues.

The V&P Foundation supports music education and provides access to underprivileged children; mentors the young generation of musicians to succeed in the music business; preserves and promotes the history of Reggae and Caribbean music through public programs; and provides emergency assistance to Caribbean musicians and artists.

Miss Pat visiting the Cassava Piece Center Charity

Some Family Pictures

Miss Pat’s family. Top L to R: Father, Mother, Tee (cousin). Middle L to R: Pat, Cynthia (sister), Harry (brother). Front: Winston (cousin).

Vincent “Randy” and Miss Pat (1957).

Angela Chin (age 12) at Randy’s Record Mart.

Chris Chin at VP Records’ original retail location
at 170-03 Jamaica Avenue, NY (1977).

Randy Chin Jr. at VP Records Retail in Jamaica, NY.

L to R: Dad Joe, Christopher Chin, Pat, and Stephen Chin (Grandson age 8).

Family reunion in Runaway Bay, Jamaica in 2008 at the Grand Bahia Principe Hotel